Brexit, the Law and our Christian heritage: is Britain looking at a revolution?

  • Published by Christian Today
  • “British court deciding British stuff. Good.” So tweeted the Rev’d Giles Fraser, following the ruling of the Supreme Court that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty may only be triggered by Act of Parliament and not by the Government under prerogative powers. Continue reading


    Myths of sovereignty and hopes for post-Referendum unity

  • Published by Reimagining Europe
  • There is Theology – the immutable laws; the inviolable principles; the absolute articles of faith and doctrines of morality by which we discern the nature of God and his purposes in creation. And then there is Praxis Continue reading


    A Christian argument for Brexit

  • Published by Premier Christianity

    There are many complex moral considerations and nuanced Christian perspectives to consider in the matter of the UK’s continuing membership of the European Union. Christian political theology is broad, and secular political truth is many-sided. Continue reading