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Times - Robin Williams LearPassing mention by Patrick Kidd in The Times of my planned production of King Lear (2016), with Robin Williams playing both Lear and the Fool.



Credit page for Roll Over Jehovah! – a musical I directed at London’s New End Theatre (2000). Starring Richard Swerrun as Lucifer and Thor Kristinsson as Jehovah; Choreography by Wayne Sleep; Sound by Scott Myers; Lighting by Mike Robertson.  Reviewed by The Stage

Cast list for The Promise – an opera I directed for Opera Brava, written and composed by Jill Townsend; conducted by Keith Willis, with David Ashmore-Turner as Jesus. It was based on the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles; staged at Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank (1997).

As You Like It




Cast list for RSC production of As You Like It (Dir. John Caird) 1989-90




Stage Manager’s Report for As You Like It, in which it appears I “conspired” with Jason Flemyng to surprise the whole cast by going on as Jaques de Boys in Act V – I was clearly a luvvie hell-raiser in those days..

As You SM report



Cast list for RSC production of Peter Flannery’s Singer (Dir. Terry Hands) 1989-90








Cast list for RSC production of Coriolanus (Dir. Terry Hands, John Barton) 1989-90

Guinness Word Record certificate






Guinness Book of Records entry for the Longest Theatre Performance (Individual):

The longest marathon theatre performance by an individual lasted 110 hr 46 min and was achieved by Adrian Hilton (UK) when he recited the complete works of Shakespeare in a ‘Bardathon’ at the Shakespeare Festival, South Bank, London, UK between 16-21 July 1987.

Some background to my Guinness World Record

Wikipedia mention of my performance-recital of the Complete Works of Shakespeare

Guinness World Records page to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare, 23rd April 2014.

Passing mention in The Telegraph by Dan Hannan MEP, 16th May 2014.

Guinness 010

Prologue to Henry V – scroll presented by the Duke of Edinburgh to inaugurate the “Bardathon”

Guinness 007

With Zoe Wanamaker

Guinness 008

With Richard Griffiths

Guinness 009

With some odd Shakespeare doll

Guinness 004

Onstage outdoors

Guinness 005

Can’t remember what was so funny (except the legs)

Sam Wanamaker signature

Henry V Prologue witnessed and signed by Sam Wanamaker

Roy Castle sig

As You Like It witnessed and signed by Roy Castle